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GENERAL: The Boone County Clerk's Office (BCCO), maintains a permanent copy of all public records presented for recording. These documents consist of both instrument and security agreement filings. These records are now available on the Internet for inquiry, display, and printing when utilizing a software "plug-in". (A complete listing of recorded documents available on-line along with their corresponding system codes can be displayed from the BOOK/PAGE/TYPE and COMBINATION PARTY BY DATE search methods by clicking on the TYPE code box).

Software Management, Inc. (SMI), has been designated as the web site administrator. Questions, concerns or suggestions regarding system usage may be addressed to them via e-mail from the bottom of any site screen or by following the form link to a comments page. Questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the actual data records (e.g., indices or documents) available on-line should be addressed directly with BCCO personnel.

DISCLAIMER: This is an information system. Information contained herein is not warranted to be correct or complete. The filing officer by the furnishing of this information makes no representation whatsoever, neither the filing officer nor any employee of the filing officer, shall be personally liable for any damages which may arise due to information furnished pursuant to this section which is subsequently shown to be inaccurate or incomplete. Any party obtaining information from this system shall be on notice to examine the individual filings referred to in this listing for any legal reliance.

AGREEMENT: Use of the system acknowledges your acceptance of the following terms: The software is provided on an "as-is" basis, and SMI nor the BCCO make any warranties, express or implied, with respect to the software, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Users shall be solely responsible for the selection, use, efficiency and suitability of the software and SMI nor the BCCO shall have any liability therefor. In no event shall SMI nor the BCCO be liable to Users for any indirect, special or consequential damages or lost profits arising out of or related to this agreement or the performance or breach hereof, even if SMI and the BCCO have been advised of the possibility thereof. SMI and the BCCO's liability to Licensee thereunder, if any, shall in no event exceed the amount paid for the service.

In no event shall SMI or the BCCO be liable to Users for any damages resulting from or related to, any failure of this software or the equipment, including, but not limited to, loss of data, or delay of SMI or the BCCO in the delivery of the software or in the performance of services under this or any related agreements.

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The following provides an agreement between the service providers (SMI and the BCCO) and the customers (Users) of this electronic system. Use of the system acknowledges your acceptance of the following terms & conditions:

- In consideration, for the initial sign-up fees and payment of the monthly access fee, an account and password will be designated to provide access to the online services.

- The individual account and password shall be for the sole use of the customer. The customer shall not share, sell, or trade his password or access to the online services with anyone without the express written consent of SMI and the Boone County Clerk. The customer shall not use the account for offering any public information service.

- Untimely payment of any and all amounts due may result in account cancellation.

- Attempting to impersonate or use another customer's account and/or password is prohibited.

- Activities which adversely affect the ability of other customers to use the online services is prohibited.

It may be necessary for employees of SMI or of the Boone County Clerk to examine system accounting logs and other records to resolve system problems. We reserve the right to access customer accounts to resolve system problems. SMI and the office of the Boone County Clerk will cooperate with appropriate legal authorities in investigating claims of illegal activity. We make no guarantee and assume no liability for the security of any data retrieved from our on-line services.

Common sense and good judgment are a necessary part of any agreement, and this agreement is no exception. Therefore, violations of this agreement will be treated in accordance with their severity and frequency.

If a customer account is used in violation of this agreement, services may be terminated without notice. In the event that an account is temporarily deactivated as a result of any violation of this agreement, the account may be subject to reactivation charges and/or deposit requirements.

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